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Date: Wed, 18 May 2011 02:35:02 +0200
From: Ɓukasz Odzioba <>
Subject: Lukas's Status Report - #1 of 15

Hi all!
This is my first status report.

I've got second bug report in my sha256cuda patch, so decided to test
it and withdrawn it from wiki because of serious bug. Something during
the optimization process went wrong, and one of the previous versions
works fine.

Most of the time I've spend on moving sha256 crypt to gpu. It was
painfull process, mostly because of not "developer friendly" debuging
of non deterministic code. It was blocking me a lot. Finally (5
minutes ago) I have figured out the "reason" of this randomness and I
should be able to provide working patch until Monday.

Sent my gsoc forms to Google.
Upload bugfree sha256cuda patch to wiki.
Finish work on cryptsha256 cuda patch.


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